This Might Be The Best Sounding 850hp Cummins 6-Speed Burnout Ever

fleece performance cummins burnout

Every once in a while I’ll have a Black Smoke Media user that sends me a video and I catch myself replaying it about 10 times. This was definitely the case for this insane Cummins burnout. Coming in at over a whopping 850+ horsepower, this 2006 6 speed Cummins diesel is piloted by Trisha Finke, owner of B-Town Diesel out of Burlington, Kentucky. Equipped with a plethora of go-fast parts including 100% over Exergy Performance injectors and a Fleece Performance Engineering Tune, this truck is an absolute monster. Side note! Don’t flame over the little smoke coming from the clutch, when you have an 800hp rated clutch and the truck is pushing anywhere from 850-900hp, you’re going to have some slippage. Also, in Trisha’s words, “A size 6 foot is hard to side step.” If you want to see more of this bad Cummins you can check out her Instagram here. (video below)

trisha finke btown diesel cummins

fleece performance cummins

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