This Marine’s Response To The #EricSheppardChallenge Is Absolutely Spot On

ericshepperdchallenge marine

Haven’t heard of the #EricSheppardChallenge? Prepare for your blood to boil. According to the Fox News Insider:

A new social media “challenge” is encouraging people across the country to disrespect and stomp on the American flag.

Videos posted to Facebook and Instagram show people taking the “Eric Sheppard Challenge,” named after a black college student wanted in Georgia after his gun was allegedly found on campus during a series of anti-flag protests.

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that this represents the “de-evolution of America.”

Higbie said that a lack of respect for authority is a growing problem in this generation, calling for legislators to introduce a bill to make it illegal to disrespect the flag.

“This is the problem: we tolerate it. We continue to let people go and they glorify it on social media,” Higbie said. “And this is the problem with our society. We have this access to social media where one dumb person can make a massive statement nationwide and start to get other people follow them, which is disgusting.”

“Try it in China. Try it in North Korea. See what happens.”