The Future Is Officially Here, BMW Is Using Frickin’ Laser Beams In Their Headlights

Every year BMW releases groundbreaking technology that stuns the automobile industry. This year was no exception. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas they unveiled their all-new laser beam headlights. I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of engineering that goes into something like this, but I am more than impressed. Does this mean that I can finally drive on the highway and not get blinded by every car newer than 2010? If so, it can’t come soon enough. I really would like to know when we are going to see this technology on a Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke? Only time can tell. Also, be sure to peep the very sad Audi display at the tail end of the video.

I knew this reminded me of something:

bmw laser beam headlights

[scroll down for video]