The Dual 6″ Cat Stacks On This 24v Cummins Sound Incredibly Good

soflo diesel cat stacks

This 2004 24v Cummins Common Rail diesel sounds insanely good with this 6″ Cat Stack setup. Made by the guys over at SoFlo Diesel, you can get your hands on a set like this for just under $500. This specific kit is the side by side 6″ Cat stack, including the 41″ tall satin black model with the 5′ inlet. This 24v is rocking a 5″ turbo back exhaust and a Smarty S-06 for the tuning. The camera audio srtuggles a bit for the in-bed portion, but there are plenty of other great sounds clips to be heard. Turn those speakers up! (video below)

so flo cat stacks

soflo cat stack