Check Out This Extremely Bad Supercharged Twin Turbo Cummins

supercharged cummins

I wasn’t even aware that something like this even existed. From the next-level brains over at comes the first ever supercharged twin turbo Cummins. They utilize a Whipple supercharger for instant throttle response with a 3psi @ idle and 80psi total. This bad piece of machinery weighs in at 7400lbs and gets around 17mpg average in mixed driving. The benefit of superchargers is that they are crank driven and make boost in direct proportion to RPMs. They are also not adversely affected by high altitude or atmospheric density like a turbo can be. Going along with this, 5 & 6 speed trucks literally suffer no lag or boost loss when shifting and can launch under boost without having to balance the clutch. We’d love to hear your opinion on why or why not supercharged diesels are a good idea! (video below)