Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover & Truck Bed Covers

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Truck bed covers are an excellent way to not only keep your truck looking clean and professional, but they also provide a great way to protect the contents of your truck bed. Truck bed covers will provide an extra layer of protection for your truck especially if you’re worried that rain will create rust if left out exposed for too long.

Truck bed covers are a great way to help keep your truck bed in top condition, and it will save you money in the long run. If this sounds like a situation you want to find yourself in, this article is perfect for you. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best roll-up Tonneau Covers and Truck Bed Covers and everything you may need to know before you make a purchase.

Product FAQs

1. What Are Roll-Up Tonneau Covers and Truck Bed Covers?

While the name sounds very interesting, if not a little funny, Tonneau covers are a truck bed cover that takes on many forms and shapes and usually fit a broad spectrum of different trucks and their truck beds.

2. What Do The Covers Do?

Tonneau covers do four significant things for you and your trucks that make your purchase well worth it.

  • A Layer of Protection: Having a truck means you’ll be hauling things around at some point or another, whether it’s furniture, dirt, rocks, groceries or building supplies. Getting a Cover like this will spare your truck from the elements as well as protect anything that’s in your truck bed from sudden rainstorms.
  • Security and Aesthetics: Not only does this cover protects against the elements, but it will also provide a way to hide your tools or other objects that you wish to keep away from prying eyes. The covers lock and give a beautiful aesthetic to your truck, giving it a more streamlined and unique look.

You can purchase these covers in a large assortment of different styles, such as:

  • Soft Covers
  • Hard Plastic
  • Ranch Fiberglass
  • Hard folding covers
  • Low-Profile Covers

3. Where Can You Buy Roll-Up Covers?

You can buy these covers at any online retailer or a specialty shop that features accessories and other such things for trucks.

4. How Much Do You Spend On Tonneau and Truck Bed Covers?

On average those people can I expect to pay anywhere between $200 up to $400 depending on what style they go for as well as the size that they need to cover the bed of the truck.

How Do We Review Our Products?

Typically we fall on several factors that define our quality of standards when it comes to determining the best of our listed products.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our customer’s reviews are some of our highest focal points when we’re looking at whether a product is right or not. Customers can tell if a company is capable of holding up its promises as far as what it says they present in their product. As a result, customer satisfaction is the most significant contributor to our decisions.
  • Price: Price is always a crucial component when it comes to considering what to purchase. Why we won’t look at the cheapest considerations in this list, we will look for products that present the best value for what you’ll be paying for.
  • Quality: Quality is another core Central feature that we want to see displayed in our products, and as a result, we do a lot of research to ensure that the highest quality gets met when it comes to the items that we feature in our list.

The Average Price Range

Depending on the traffic that you get as well as the size that you need, the general is stick range that you can expect to pay for a tonneau cover is between $200 up to $500.

The Best Roll-Up Tonneau Cover & Truck Bed Covers

The Tyger T3 Tri-Fold tonneau cover is the perfect solution to cover your truck bed with style and only takes a few minutes to install.

If the truck’s front bed rail or tailgate is lower than the sides, you will want to use the provided weather seal strips to fill in the gaps on the head bed or tailgate. If you don’t, the cover will cause noise and flapping issues while the vehicle is in motion. The clamps are already attached to the assembled cover so you won’t have to worry about installing them yourself.

There are:

  • Two front clamps
  • Two front safety clamps
  • Two rear clamps

You will want to place the assembled cover on the bulkhead against the cap. Once set, unbuckle the safety strap and unfold to cover completely towards the tailgate and make sure the lid gets aligned on all sides.

Carefully pull the cover up to the cap without moving its position. Hold on the front clamp, then hook the clamps to the metal bed rail the location of the brace has been free of symbol for an optimal position on your vehicle, but if needed release the top Phillips head screw, and then the clamp can be relocated to any of the three horizontal locations.

Next, install the two front safety clamps for additional security unfold the cover completely towards the tailgate hold down the rear clamps and hook onto the bed rail lip to ensure a snug fit close the tailgate to complete the installation.

To access the truck bed, open the tailgate and hold it to clamp handles up to release the rear glass fold the cover over once and then secure the rear clamps to the side.

As you can see, operating this trifold cover does not take a lot of effort, and it provides you with a lot of security and even gas economy. The cover itself comes made out of a dual coated marine-grade vinyl, and it’s supported by a heavy-duty aluminum that’s powder-coated and comes with its own set of stainless steel clamps already installed in the top.

Tiger does provide a limited lifetime warranty that they will help you with, however, if the size of the cover isn’t correct as per customer error, Tyger will insist that the customer pays for the return shipping if the item has to get sent back.

This liner fits five-foot-seven inches long beds six-foot-four inches long beds and 8 ft long beds and you can purchase this cover off of Amazon for $229 and qualifies for free shipping if you have a Prime Membership.


  • No need to drill, easy install
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made of heavy duty aluminum
  • Fits5.5-foot beds u p to 8-foot beds


  • Customer service is difficult to deal with

The shape and quantity of the clamps will vary depending on vehicle and bed size. For example:

  • Short truck beds get four clamps
  • Regular-sized truck beds get six
  • Long truck beds get eight

Similar to the tri-fold version, The Tyger Auto T1 roll-up tonneau cover comes with a double coated marine-grade vinyl top and the aluminum powder coated side rails and clamps. There are built-in horizontal cross bars that offer support when you have the cover pulled out flat, and they roll up quickly when you’re trying to open up the bed for full access.

To seal your truck bed completely, you will have to use the velcro strips provided along the sides of the truck bed that secures the vinyl cover on while the latch lock system at the tailgate keeps debris out from the back of the truck.

There’s even an adjustable tension system located at the end of the side rails that help keep the cover tight and free from wrinkles. As with all Tyger products, this one also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

You will want to position the side rail so that it lines up with the inner edge of the truck bed rail. Keep your side rails even so that the distance between the rear end of the side rail to the tailgate is the same on both sides.

Your clamps will need to be attached directly to the metal part of the bed rail which means that you may need to cut a small hole in the bed liner for your clamps to fit, especially for the over the bed rail type.

Make sure that the ends of the crossbars are resting on the side rails as you unroll the cover down, and it’s essential to make sure that you crossbars get positioned arching upward to avoid water or snow piling up.

To properly close your cover, make sure that the locking clip and a side rail are no further than 1/16 of an inch apart. If your cover can’t get latched, you will need to try moving the side rails outward. Likewise, if the cover doesn’t stay latched, you will need to try running the side rails inward.

When you want to roll up your cover, use the velcro as a guide to roll the sheet up straight. During this process, it’s critical to make sure the cap is free of any debris before rolling it up completely. Use the safety straps to hold it in place when the vehicle is in motion.

The control system comes located towards the end of the side rails on both sides; it may be used to adjust the vinyl tightness depending on the weather conditions. The vinyl tension system can also be changed back and forth if you have trouble latching down the cover.

If you like this product, you can purchase it on Amazon for $189, and free shipping comes provided if you’re an Amazon Prime member.


  • Fits 5.8 foot beds, six-and-a-half-foot beds and eight-foot beds
  • Seals with Velcro
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


  • Customers commented that they were missing parts frequently in their orders

The Lund Genesis Elite tri-fold truck bed is a low profile soft cover that has only one size available to it. This cover will only fit truck beds that are no longer than five and a half feet. The cover itself gets made from a luxurious HAARTZ material which is a twill weave and light textured matte that provides water resistance as well as resistance against mold and mildew.

If you have things that you’re transporting that are sensitive or potentially could get damaged or dirty on the trip, the Lund Genesis Elite tri-fold truck bed cover will also protect your items from ultraviolet radiation as well as all forms of dirt and dust.

The folding cover comes pre-assembled, and all you have to do is pull it out of the box and line it up with your truck bed. Once you have the first part of it lined up to your truck, you’ll want to unclasp the holding straps and then clamp it into place.

The clamps come with the product, and it usually takes about five minutes to install your new truck cover on your truck fully. All of the hardware is padded to prevent your new cover from causing scratches to the interior of your truck bed.

What we liked a lot about this covers the fact that it conforms to the edges of your truck bed so that it blocks out all forms of moisture and other debris that might slip into your truck bed.

The cover also features some heavy-duty powder-coated bows and rails that also prevent water and snow buildup. The frame itself comes fabricated from a form of corrosion resistant aluminum that merged with a high-impact polycarbonate which makes it durable during the worst of weather periods.

If your cover gets dirty, all you have to do is add a little soap to the top of your cover and spray it off with water from the hose.

Lund will custom make every single cover for your make and model and year with the tri-fold system so you won’t have to worry about your specific truck not being able to accommodate a truck cover.

Additionally, the tri-fold closure system, in general, will fold up in just seconds and you can hold it in the open position thanks to the security straps that come featured at the front of the unit. If you think that this is the cover for you, you can pick it up on Amazon.


  • Low-Profile
  • Frame made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Cover made from Genisis Elite HAARTZ Twill
  • Easy installation


  • Only fits trucks with a five and a half foot bed

The gator tri-fold Tonneau you is a product that comes made in the United States and fits most truck models from 2007 up to 2019 and the new body styles associated with them. What we love about this trifold covers the fact that it can get easily installed without the need for tools or any other hard materials.

All you have to do is clamp the rails on to the rim of your bed and then install the cover as per the instructions. All of the installation processes takes about 10 minutes maximum, and you can have it ready to go before you have to go out the next time.

The cover itself provides Superior sealing and creates a leak-proof barrier between your top and the bed of your truck. It’ll be able to handle things like dust, snow, and rain and it even comes with a tailgate seal to ensure that everything is waterproof to the maximum degree.

It can manage those because the gator tri-fold comes designed with a tear-resistant vinyl cover that is supported by an aluminum frame. The metal choice is ideal because it bowels enough to give heavy rain or snow a chance to slide off without damaging your actual product or allowing the elements to pile up too much on it.

You will also receive a bed rail seal with your cover to ensure that everything stays dry and safe. If you find yourself in need to open up the panel completely, Gator provides its product with a fastening Buckle that will help keep the cover down so that when you’re driving it won’t fly off.

While there is an excellent warranty on this product, we recommend that you make sure that your truck bed matches one of the three options available depending on your car model.

Amazon has an excellent system for doing this as well as the sizing chart that’s provided by Gator covers which gives you an option to choose the year and the size of your bed before you make an order.

If this cover sounds like something perfect for you, you could pick it up at Amazon for $219 and if your Prime member you get to take advantage of that free shipping that comes with your membership.


  • Fits between five-foot beds up to eight-foot beds
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable
  • Ten-year warranty


  • Hardware is cheap (May cause durability issues later)

Our Verdict

Of course, the needs of each person will differ depending on the size of their truck as well as what they’re looking for out of a truck bed cover. However, we feel that the tiger T1 roll-up cover, as well as the Gator tri-fold cover, are both perfect examples of excellent truck bed covers that are designed to withstand anything that you could toss out of them.

0On top of that, we feel that the prices are reasonable for what comes provided and there was considerable praise for both of these products when looking at customer reviews.