5.9 Cummins With 80mm Single Turbo Launches Insanely Hard

5.9 cummins 80mm turbo

Check out this insane 2006 5.9 Cummins with an 80mm single turbo doing a 20psi boosted launch. At the time of this video this Cummins had 100% over injectors, single 6.7 stroker pump, head studs, valve springs, pushrods and plenty more room for some tuning. We’ve featured videos of this truck before so we knew right away the owner was Jim Rendant out of Illinois. Sit down and hold on as he gives us a dash view of his insanely badass ’06 Cummins. Be sure to peep that speedometer! (video below) 

cummins 80mm launch

cummins 80mm turbo